6 Reasons to Start Riding an E-Bike

6 Reasons to Start Riding an E-Bike

Easy to ride, versatile, and sustainable, it’s likely that you’ve heard a lot about ebikes lately without knowing exactly what all the fuss is all about.

Personally, we think ebikes are the future. But if you need more than just our confidence to convince you, read on for six reasons that it might be time for you to go electric. 

Real Range

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit that ebikes possess over their non-electric counterparts: with their powerful batteries, ebikes simply let you travel further. Our most powerful ebikes give you a range of up to 200km in a single charge. With a battery backing you up, you can travel incredible distances and experience the joys of an epic cycling adventure without the strain of pushing through it all by yourself. 

Dynamic Exercise

That said, ebikes are great for your health and can still provide you with a healthy workout and as much exercise as you want to get. The difference is, they free you up to do it entirely on your own terms. By offering support when you need it, they enable more frequent riding and more chances to exercise. Once you’re out and pedaling, their batteries allow you to take breaks and cool off at your leisure, without ever having to stop moving. 

Sweat-Free Sailing

This effortless movement also explains why ebikes are so beloved by commuters and city riders who just want a fast, convenient way to get from A to B. We’ve all ridden a bike to work or to meet friends and arrived looking like we just stepped off the treadmill. An ebike lets you complete those short city journeys sweat free, without compromising on speed or convenience.

Serious Sustainability

The way that we travel has huge effects for the environment, with transport responsible for one fifth of overall global CO2 emissions. For those that need to travel longer distances, normal bicycles can’t really compete with cars in terms of distance or speed. With their greater reach and powerful batteries, ebikes can. For many of us, ebikes can eliminate the need for cars and allow us to make our mobility more sustainable, without having to sacrifice the ability to travel as far as we need for work, or for fun. 

Great Value

The fact that ebikes are such a sustainable way to get around is the reason that countries around the world are offering to make them even more accessible, by subsidizing your investment in the future’s form of transport. Governments from Europe to the Australia are considering actively incentivizing purchases of ebikes. When coupled with the fact that many ebikes are already great value – our own NCM Moscow Plus is priced at just $2,499, for example – ebikes make sense in terms of finances as well as exercise and the environment.



There are many health issues that can prevent us from riding as frequently or far as long as we would like, from joint pain to asthma. For those that love cycling but face limitations like these, the assistance that an ebike provides can be just what you need to embrace cycling again. 


Contrary to what you might think, ebikes are in fact exceptionally easy to store and maintain, requiring pretty much the same amount of care as any high-quality bicycle. While there are some parts unique to ebikes to watch out for – check our guide for detailed tips – in general, you won’t find them any more complicated to look after than your standard bike.